Internet booking was supposed to make travel advisors obsolete, but there’s a good reason people choose to still use them. Online travel websites may seem like an easy option for booking travel but without personal customer service, people who book trips online often end up frustrated, confused and dissatisfied. This is where a travel advisor like Agora Nuevo Travel can step in to help!

Below are 10 reasons why you should work with Agora Nuevo Travel:

  1. We help create the vacation you actually want, not something that’s pre-packaged and created for everyone else.
  2. With Agora Nuevo Travel you’re a person, not a number.
  3. We know everything from the size of the rooms at hotels and which have the best views to the dining options that are available, onsite and nearby. We’re like Google, but way more reliable.
  4. We’ll answer your emails and your phone calls no matter where you are on the planet.
  5. We know the things you just won’t find in a Google search.
  6. The person on TripAdvisor who recommended that rustic Bali hotel won’t answer your frantic phone calls when something goes wrong.
  7. We research and vet every single hotel and resort we send our clients to.
  8. Our services won’t cost you anything! You get to kick back and relax while we do all the planning to make your dream getaway a reality.
  9. The internet won’t have your back when a reservation falls through or your hotel room isn’t up to par.
  10. Our personal relationships and exclusive memberships give us access to people on-site who will accommodate your every need.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Start your adventure today by calling (216) 288-9339.